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360 South American Adventure – Argentina

Follow part two of Lindford's incredible South American adventure in full 360!

Blogs 8th March 2017
360 South American Adventure – Argentina Written by: Lindford Lowe

Location: Lagoon Torre, El Chalten, Argentina

A 20 mile round walking trip from El Chalten was well worth it to this incredible place. Fresh air, snow covered mountains and icebergs from the nearby glacier. There were also Condor’s and other birds of pray flying in the area.

Location: El Calafate, Reserva Laguna Nimez, Argentina

A short walk from the Ski-resort style town of El Calafate where there were over 20 different species of birds, including pink flamingos. A very peaceful and quiet area of Patagonia.

Location: Salta, Salinas Grandes, Argentina

An epic journey through the Andres along what was the route for “Tren a las Nubes” (train to the clouds). Arrived at the salt planes and was awestruck by the vast flat expanse of bright white salt flats.

Location: Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Seeing the falls brought on a response like watching fireworks. Just epic and awe inspiring natural entertainment. The only downside was being attacked by a gang of Racoons, who stole my sandwich.

Location: The Devil’s Throat, Tilcara, Argentina

After a long car journey, arrived at the Devil’s Throat and the nearby Amphitheater formation. The two most iconic red rock formations in the valley. Interesting acoustics, especially as a band rocked up and played there.

Location: Perito moreno glacier, Chile

The sound the glacier makes as it edges slowly forward is like thunder and fireworks which then reverberate on the mountains. The air is so crisp and clean, and the light seems to increase the contrast of anything in view. The experience of watching the glacier is hypnotic. Just gazing, listening and waiting for the next clap of thunder that might cause a huge splash and a wave to ripple out into the lake.

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