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360 South American Adventure – Bolivia Part II

Follow part four of Lindford's incredible South American adventure in full 360!

Blogs 8th March 2017
360 South American Adventure – Bolivia Part II Written by: Lindford Lowe

Location: Salt Lakes of Uyuni, Boliva

A high altitude lake featured here. Got up close and personal with Pink Flamingos, Native Foxes, llamas & Chinchillas. Simply incredible views throughout the 3 day tour.

Location: Gúembé Biocentro & Resort, Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

There was an abundance of various animals at Gúembé Biocentro & Resort. This aviary housed Toucans, Peacocks, Parrots and other birds. The resort also had a pool surrounded by locals and a sound system playing hard techno and dubstep. The whole resort has over 130 birds, more than 50 species of butterfly, over 100 turtles and three lagoons with fish and water turtles! So there was lots to see.

Location: Uyuni, Boliva

Enjoyed watching the bubbling sulphur pool beneath my feet here. Glad the Kodak SP360 didn’t fall over at this point!

Location: Uyuni, Boliva

Great views here of the mountains near Uyuni. You can see I’m trying have a conversation with our driver here. Unfortunately for him, I didn’t speak Spanish…

Location: Geysers Sol de La Mañana, Uyuni, Boliva

The incredible Geysers Sol de La Mañana in Bolivia. This was a very atmospheric moment here with the sun rising and the steam billowing out from the ground. Characterized by intense volcanic activity the geyser field is full of mud lakes and steam pools with boiling lava. There is next to no protection from the extreme heats of up to 200ºC to 250°C heat so we had to make sure not to get too close.

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