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Live stitching and streaming full-spherical 360° videos

KODAK PIXPRO announced support of an all new live stitching and streaming full-spherical 360° videos from their SP360 4K VR cameras. The newly added feature is made possible thanks to the latest version of VideoStitch Vahana VR software developed by VideoStitch Inc., a leader in virtual reality solutions.

News 24th March 2017
Live stitching and streaming full-spherical 360° videos Written by: The Pixpro Team

JK Imaging has continued to evolve and add new features and functionality to the award winning SP360 4K VR cameras and technology. This commitment has allowed the company to further cater to industry and B2B professionals in just nine short months, since the US release of the SP360 4K in January.


Now 360° VR content creators can use VideoStitch’s latest version of Vahana VR live stitching software to elegantly stitch just two SP360 4K cameras together in real-time for online distribution and viewing via YouTube™ or other available broadcasting platforms. ‘The aim is to provide every content creator with the ability to easily create high-quality VR content and livestream it to a wide audience. The setup with two SP360 4K cameras and Vahana VR is a simple way to do this’, comments Nicolas Burtey, CEO of VideoStitch Inc.

“As content creators, videographers and business professionals look for new ways to create and share 360° interactive video, we have been able to provide valuable ongoing solutions for their growing needs and continue to do so by adding new features like these to our camera’s capabilities.” said Paul Meyhoefer, Vice President of Sales and Marketing from JK Imaging Ltd. The ability to stream live 360° content from the SP360 4K cameras and use Vahana VR software is another simple yet effective solution for professionals to reach and engage with their audiences and take full advantage of the expanding world of VR. VideoStitch Vahana VR1.1.2 is compatible with all VR headsets and 360° video players and retails for $2,195 US MSRP at video-stitch.com.


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