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360 South American Adventure – USA

Follow part six of Lindford's incredible South American adventure in full 360!

Blogs 28th March 2017
360 South American Adventure – USA Written by: Lindford Lowe

Pismo Beach, California.

After 3 months in South America, it was time to go on a road trip along the famous route 1. Pismo beach was great as the sunset was directly over the sea to the right of the pier. Encountered many Seal & Sea Lions!

Muir woods, California

Muir Woods National Monument is part of California’s Golden Gate National Recreation Area, north of San Francisco. It was fascinating seeing the very old and large redwood trees surrounding the area.

Death Valley, Nevada

Driving through Death Valley was quite an experience. Roads that seemed to stretch endlessly. It apparently is one of the hottest places in the world at the height of summertime along with deserts in Africa and in the Middle East. Luckily it was December!

Berkeley, California

Walked from the bottom of the hill here from the great city of San Francisco. It’s home to the University of California, Berkeley, birthplace of the 1960s Free Speech Movement. Awe-inspiring views from up there! Well worth the effort.

Moonstone Beach, California

Moonstone Beach is along Moonstone Beach Drive which parallels Highway 1 in northern Cambria. The beach consists of beautiful little rocks varying in shape and colour. It was like walking on a rocky rainbow!

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

The Golden Gate Bridge, regarded as one of the top ten construction achievements of the 20th Century. There are just incredible views here on the bridge and you can pretty much see the whole of San Francisco city.

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