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360 Interactive Tour of South America

Travel around some of the most breathtaking locations around South America, starting in Laguna Torre, Argentina and ending in Muir Woods, California.

Blogs 13th July 2017
360 Interactive Tour of South America Written by: The PIXPRO Team

Lagoon Torre, El Chalten, Argentina

A 20 mile round walking trip from El Chalten was well worth it to this incredible place. Fresh air, snow covered mountains and icebergs from the nearby glacier. There were also Condor’s and other birds of pray flying in the area.

Salta, Salinas Grandes, Argentina

An epic journey through the Andres along what was the route for “Tren a las Nubes” (train to the clouds). Arrived at the salt planes and was awestruck by the vast flat expanse of bright white salt flats.

Arequipa, Peru

The main activity in Arequipa was exploring the monastery. Proper Game of Thrones style city within a city with views of the volcano as the backdrop. Spent a couple of hours trying to take in the huge amount of information on the history of this vast monastery and the nuns and priests that inhabited it over the years.

Geysers Sol de La Mañana, Uyuni, Boliva

The incredible Geysers Sol de La Mañana in Bolivia. This was a very atmospheric moment here with the sun rising and the steam billowing out from the ground. Characterized by intense volcanic activity the geyser field is full of mud lakes and steam pools with boiling lava. There is next to no protection from the extreme heats of up to 200ºC to 250°C heat so we had to make sure not to get too close.

Muir woods, California

Muir Woods National Monument is part of California’s Golden Gate National Recreation Area, north of San Francisco. It was fascinating seeing the very old and large redwood trees surrounding the area.

Berkeley, California

Walked from the bottom of the hill here from the great city of San Francisco. It’s home to the University of California, Berkeley, birthplace of the 1960s Free Speech Movement. Awe-inspiring views from up there! Well worth the effort.


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