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Go beyond boring old flat pictures and video, and get right inside the memories with these easy-to-use cameras

Blogs 28th November 2017

We all love to take pictures and shoot video, but we can’t always capture the whole moment. A small slice, a 90-degree rectangle, even wide-angle action cam footage – it’s only a piece of the action. Kodak’s PIXPRO 360 range goes further, using specially-engineered lenses to shoot all-around images and movies that include everything. Say you’re on the beach, and want a shot to share with the folks back home. With a standard camera, you could take a shot of your knees looking out to sea, or snap a selfie of your sun-soaked family. Bring in a 360-degree camera and you can capture the people, the sights, the sky, sand and sea, all at once. Your audience on Facebook and YouTube gets a unique interactive experience, and you get a memory that lasts forever that’s more vivid and detailed than any regular photo. If you’re filming action, the PIXPRO 360 range’s versatility is essential. Getting the perfect shot through a narrow viewport isn’t always possible, but capture everything and you’re covered – with dynamic, explorable results that look just as great on-screen as they do relieved through a VR headset. There’s a PIXPRO for everyone, and accessories to match – find out more at pixpro.world.


Low-cost 360-degree recording, with a tough shell.

The SP360 Action Cam is the first step on the PIXPRO 360 ladder, but it’s no slouch. Its 16-megapixel sensor takes stunning shots in front mode, it can grab 10-megapixel shots in 10FPS burst mode, and you can capture every moment with a broad range of video-recording options, ranging from 1440p 360-degree movies to ultra-wide angle 1080p action shots and beyond. Its versatility doesn’t end there – the SP360 is small and light enough to go with you everywhere, tough enough to place in your kids’ hands for a unique look at their world, and available with all kinds of accessories to keep it safely secured in any situation. The extreme Kit gets you the camera, along with a waterproof housing, and a host of mounts for the likes of handlebars, head straps and surfboards.


Pin-sharp accuracy for 360-degree videos.

If you’re going more pro, look no further than the PIXPRO SP3604K. Upping the maximum front-facing video resolution to a full, super-sharp 4K is only the first of its tricks – its vertical field of view is raised from the SP360’s 216 degrees to a huge 235 degrees, capturing even more of what’s around. And it’s an expandable system, too: pick up a second PIXPRO SP3604K (or grab the dual Pro pack) and you can stitch together the output of two back-to-back cameras into perfect spherical videos, or mount them independently for even more options. You can even take your 360-degree filming to the skies: the SP360 4K Aerial pack includes a pair of cameras and a special adapter for the 3dR Solo drone.


With dual image sensors and two unique lenses, there’s no more versatile way to capture the entire world around you.

The simple, genius package of the PIXPRO 4KVR360 features twin lenses integrated into a single unit, with VR video at its heart. Combine simultaneous video from the two, and you’ve got the most compact, cost-effective 4K 360-degree camera going. That’s not just an advantage for your bag – the closely-spaced lenses mean stitching a stable, seamless spherical image is easy. The PIXPRO 4KVR360 isn’t just a great all-in-one VR camera, though – it’s also an awesome action cam. The 235-degree rear dome lens is perfect for creating amazing highlight shots or panoramas; its 197-degree front camera is a 4K wide-angle marvel. And it’s rugged enough for all conditions. If you need more protection and options beyond its dust-proof, shock-proof, standard configuration, the Ultimate Pack couples the 4KVR360 with a fully waterproof housing, a carrying case, and all manner of mounts and essential accessories– ready for anything!

Connect and Share

It’s easy to make 360° videos on your phone.

The entire PIXPRO range is as connected as they come. Each model includes Wi-Fi and NFC, and you can connect them to the PIXPRO mobile app on Android and iPhone, which acts as a viewfinder, shot trigger, and footage manager, so you can easily see what you’re capturing. You can quickly stitch together your VR shots from a pair of SP3604K units or the solo 4KVR360 (which also includes in-camera stitching) and you can upload them for others to see. Although VR headsets are great for getting inside 360-degree photos and video, your friends and family won’t need special hardware to enjoy your results. Both YouTube and Facebook support 360-degree footage natively, and viewers can drag around to change their view on a computer, or simply move their phones around in real life to change their view of the video. For even better results, head to your Mac or PC, where Kodak’s PIXPRO 360 VR Suite lets you splice, stitch and combine your footage, add effects and filters, and acts as a huge viewfinder.

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